Sustainable Urban Farming


Planting the seeds today that will make our community grow tomorrow.

Growth is fulfilled through multiple ways including community involvement, spreading awareness, planting crops, and more. We want to not only increase awareness, but to be a part of the solution as well. The Food Lab would like to help others develop their own gardens or start farming, while also increasing agriculture knowledge and awareness across various regions via buying fresh ingredients, selling fresh produce to boost the local economy, and demonstrating creative and economical ways to incorporate it in meals. This goal can come to fruition and benefit every community through farmers’ markets, bartering, and growing and sourcing food for catering and meal prep.

Community Urban Gardening

The Food Lab seeks to establish gardens all across the city and the surrounding communities in areas that have difficulty accessing fresh food or in places that would just like to strengthen their community. Do you think your neighborhood would benefit from a new community garden project? Contact us to find out what we can do for you.


Organization, soil/plant education, planning, and patience are just a few of the many skills that are needed to become successful in farming. In my journey I have done a little growing on my own and spent a summer growing with a local farmer. I attended and completed the Ohio Ecology Food and Farm Association’s (OEFFA) Beginning Farmer Program and The Ohio State’s Urban Master Farming Workshop Series in the same year. I am a passionate student and have become diligent in the business and practice of farming. With the addition of a whole year of training under the Microfarm Project I have been preparing and learning the necessary skills and experience to take on the development of this farm.  

Interested in your own sustainable garden?

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