We are building a better tomorrow for our community.

By building the means to grow your own food, we empower individuals and communities to take the initiative to grow their own food, thus creating their own food supply and ultimately transforming their eating habits. By renovating a vacant lot into a community garden, you’re not only utilizing an abandoned piece of land, but creating a sanctuary to bring communities together.

There are three primary options to build structures:

Community Gardens: We partner with community, neighborhood, and civic groups to organize, establish, and maintain community gardens to provide fresh food for underserved areas while simultaneously educating residents.

Garden Structures: We design and construct a variety of gardening structures including raised gardening beds to help to bring the joy and beauty of gardening to more people.

Garden Structures: We plan, design, and construct affordable high tunnels to provide season-extending protection and weatherproof structures for your plants.

How We Do That

Communities & Community Gardens

We organize with community, neighborhood and civic groups to establish and maintain community gardens to educate and provide fresh food for under served areas.

Garden Structures

We construct raised gardening beds and other structures to help bring the joy of gardening to more people.

Hoop Houses

We construct Hoop Houses to provide season-extending protection and warmth for your plants. Because of their affordability, our high tunnels won’t break the bank.


“Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”

Building communities on a healthy foundation starts with building members of the community. The Food Lab is involved in every step of the process from education to planning and development. By providing the means for individuals to grow their own food, we are empowering them to take charge of their health and eating habits. Individuals gain access to crops that otherwise aren’t available, as well as resources such as professional farmers and tools, to build and design a garden catered to their needs. If you are unable to grow at home, cultivating unused land and vacant spaces into personal or community gardens not only beautifies an otherwise forgotten piece of land, it also turns strangers into neighbors.

Interested in your own sustainable garden?

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