Mission Statement:

The Food Lab’s mission is to create a food network
by building farming systems and resources,
growing food and awareness,
and feeding families and communities..

About Us

Our vision is to form a local movement that proactively addresses a global concern and
encourages communities to implement a seed-to-stomach lifestyle by promoting
food initiatives, building food networks, and create more awareness about
what we eat by supporting local farmers.



Founder, Gardener, Farmer, and Chef

As a native of Mansfield, Ohio, Walter Bonham, an Urban Farmer and a founding member of the Richland Gro-Op, saw an opportunity in his community to bridge the gap between food insecurities and agriculture awareness. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Business from Wittenberg University, Bonham continued his higher education at Ohio Dominican University where he earned his Master of Science Management. After graduation, Bonham began to explore a multitude of career paths before his interest in farming piqued. By combining his background in business and science management with his newfound love for farming, Bonham created The Food Lab LLC and dedicated his time to addressing food insecurities in his community in the most sustainable ways he could including building hoop houses, forming community gardens, and offering catering and meal prep services to residents. While Bonham’s mission is local, it is a global concern that he plans on tackling by reaching and teaching other communities his three focal points: build, grow, and feed. “To put it simple, I want to teach people and communities how to build their own gardening structures, grow their own food, and properly nourish and feed their families,” Bonham stated. In addition to this mission, he wants people to become more conscious about what they eat and where it comes from and encourage more people to eat locally and support local farms.


New Micro-Farm Model Tested at OSU Mansfield


OSU Mansfield Micro-Farm begins first harvest


Producers begin harvesting crops at OSU-Mansfield microfarm

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